As a contractor, you need to ensure that your tax and payroll are looked after. The day-to-day paperwork can be confusing and with constantly changing regulations you want to remain compliant as well as getting the most out of your earnings. Contractors also need to make sure they comply with IR35 regulations.

Knowing which solution is right for you can be confusing but our team of contractor accountants are here to help. They understand the solutions inside and out so you’ll soon have peace of mind and be stress-free.

Our compliant contractor solutions ensure that you adhere to HMRC guidelines at all times.

We have a wide range of contractor tax solutions to help you. We offer Umbrella PAYE, CIS Tax, Gross Payment, PSC and Limited Company, so you can easily switch to a different one at any time.

Contact us today and you could be on your way to a hassle-free solution that maximizes your income.

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